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Body (Air Pillow Body Exfoliator )

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How to Use

  1. Air Pillow Body Exfoliator is good for exfoliating and revitalizing your skin.
  2. Dead skin cells can be scrubbed off in just one stroke.
  3. It has anti-bacteria effect for hygienic use.
  4. Aerial Pressurizing method is adopted to minimize direct shock to the skin.


"Lightly massage without washing oneself with effors!"

  • Smoothly remove dirt with protecting skin by aerial cushion as a harmiless silicon product.
  • Grasp it in your hand ahd lightly tap it without efforts
  • The area come in contact with skin is large due to large size so that a body-scrubber can have much more effect with this product
  • Towel replacement is convenient so that customers may always enjoy a refreshing bath.
  • This product uses an advanced soft and excellent check body-Scrubber towel.

With aerlal pressurzing Miraclear body, air locked in the product natural moves along skin grain and shock absorption of air glves sking washing effect without damage to skin. With a towel used for massage customers may enjoy their shower with soft and refreshing feeling.

  • Every family members can use this products without a burden
  • This product may be used for skin management.
  • Occepational body scrubbers can have more effect.
  • Towel may be refilled.