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Hair (Air Pillow Scalp Massager)

Product Detail Information

How to Use

  1. Air Pillow Scalp Massager will make your scalp healthier by stimulating the scalp.
  2. While you are massaging, it provides sufficient oxygen to your scalp.
  3. To promote healthy scalp and prevent dandruff and itchness.
  4. It has anti-bacteria effect for hygienic use.


"Make your scalp be exhilarating and refreshing with Miraclear Hair"

Miraclear Hir removes all kinds of sebum, dandruff and wastes on the scalp with easy by uniform pressure of aerial cushion so that it can give the scalp refreshment feeling, and it massages the scalp so that it can help blood cirulation of scalp. It helps clean scalp management without damage to scalp.

  1. Silver nano silicon with 99.9% antifungal effect is used so that customers may use the producto without fear on sensitve and keen skin.
  2. A brush with smooth silicon material stimulates the scalp so that it can help scalp health.
  3. It has scalp massage effect so that customers may feel refreshmetn after use of it.
  4. Sillicon protrusion stimulation helps skin revitalization so that it may help depllation prevention.

This Product is good for following persons

  • Persons who are using depilation related products
  • Persons who shampoo their hairs, but are not refresh
  • Persons who are interested in scalp management
  • Persons whose hairs fall out much

When customers use their computers for a long time or they have a headache, lightiy tap their hairs with miraclear hair.!

Miraclear Hair an enviroment product that passed hazardous substances testcording to Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive(RoHS) and acquired conformity cetification. We do our best for customers'Health and environment because this directly comes in contact with skin.