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Face (Air Pillow Pore Refiner)

Product Detail Information

How to Use

  1. 4,000 of minute silicon brushes with 0.4mm air cushion remove your make-up and dirt from skin pores and make your face clean and soft.
  2. Use Air Pillow Pore Refiner with your cleanser , and it will help in deep cleansing.
  3. It has anti-bacteria effect for hygienic use.
  4. Your skin gets a massage and dead skin cells are being exfoliated.


" Add to Wash, and be Happy to miraclear Face"

Made soft with a best to the silicon material which was harmless to a human body. While washed, be effective feeling and sking culture of a face skin are refresing as remove all kinds of waster products

This Product is good for following cases

  • Persons which make-up are not absorbed well
  • When any one wants to remove one's make-up
  • Persons which wnat to invigorate their skin
  • When keratin frequently occurs skin is pulled

  1. Silver nano silicon with 99.9% antifungal effect is used so that customers may use the producto without fear on sensitve and keen skin.
  2. 3,000 or so silicon protrusion purely remove wastes deeply in skin.
  3. Customers may feel smoother and moister skin after use of it with massage effect.

  • Remove Keratin and all kinds of secretion in order to absorb make-up well.
  • Be convenient when daily skin management is necessary due vto heavy make-up
  • Customers simply use it in washing their face so that it may shouten massage time
  • Silver nano products with sterillization and disnfection function prevent and keep off skin aging